The benefits of having hand sanitiser at the office

Benefits of Having Hand Sanitizer at the Office

In this informative article, we take a look at the benefits of having hand sanitiser at the office.

Your co-workers are all covered with germs. It’s not mean, it’s just the simple truth of the matter. The typical office is a cesspool for all kinds of harmful bacteria and that’s why it’s smart to keep hand sanitiser around at all times!

Does sanitiser keep your employees healthy? If so, how? Say goodbye to sick days from here on out!

Recent research that was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, found that large amounts of bacteria were found throughout workplaces. Objects such as office phones, water fountains, keyboards, computer mice and elevator buttons are homes to the bacteria.

Soap and water are typically the first lines of defence for fighting these kinds of germs. But, as Mayo Clinic physician and researcher Dr Pritish K. Tosh notes, “You can’t just be in the bathroom washing your hands all day”. Hand sanitiser is highly convenient and able to be kept at individual desks or taken on the go for continued use.

This is important because of the far-reaching impact of sick workers. An illness does much more than cause discomfort for the affected employees. Illness in the office is disruptive and unprofitable.

What Are the Benefits of Hand Sanitiser?

There are many benefits to using hand sanitiser when soap and warm water aren’t available. Not only will you reduce your risk of infection, but you’ll also spread fewer germs to others and miss fewer days at work.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the power of keeping sanitisers around the office!

  • Sanitisers can reduce about 97% of the bacteria on your hands.
  • Proper hand hygiene can reduce absenteeism at work by up to 40%.
  • Employees who use sanitiser at least five times each workday are about 67% less likely to get sick.
  • 30 seconds of using hand sanitiser kill as much bacteria as two full minutes of handwashing.
  • Offices with a sanitation program report 24% fewer claims for hand hygiene preventable diseases.

A few drops of hand sanitiser can work wonders. There will be fewer people calling in sick and an overall healthier environment.

Does Hand Sanitizer Keep You From Getting Sick?

When used correctly, sanitiser can be insanely good at preventing a cold or the flu. The more alcohol it contains and the more often you use it, the less harmful bacteria will be on your hands.

There’s plenty of evidence that suggests this strategy works.

The results? Health care claims were reduced by over 20% and absenteeism was reduced by another 13.4% for the group that used hand sanitiser.

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