Proper sanitisation and disinfection in food processing

Proper sanitisation and disinfection in the food processing

In this informative article, we take a look at the importance of proper sanitisation and disinfection in the food processing, grocery store, restaurant and takeaways industry.

All businesses have a similar goal, to earn a profit while keeping staff and customers comfortable and safe. During the pandemic, businesses must adapt quickly so that they can open and be compliant with regulations and safety measures.

However, very few people have received the right training in how to address issues presented by the pandemic. To offer our support we have compiled this article and with guidance that covers almost every conceivable situation.

All guidance includes information on sanitising and disinfecting the workplace. For clarity, this article will use the word “sanitising” (or its derivatives) to mean both sanitising and disinfecting and the term “employees” will refer to both employees and customers.

While the virus is quite fragile, reports suggest that it can persist on hard surfaces, both porous and non-porous, from minutes to hours, increasing the opportunity for it to transfer from hand to body and therefore increase the risk of infection. So sanitising surfaces can easily kill the virus.

High contact surfaces

Businesses should also take care to regularly sanitise and disinfect high contact surfaces, such as door handles, countertops and switches, by using Enviromed Sanitiser if possible, It is a cost-effective solution that provides 3-in-1 protection for multiple applications, and most importantly, provides longevity with its 4hr active protection cycle

Employees and customers will touch some high contact surfaces frequently and routine sanitising is required to reduce the risk of infection. These surfaces are items such as:

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Light switches
  • Countertops
  • Handles
  • Desks Phones
  • Faucets and sink
  • Menus
  • Touch screens
  • Paypoint machines and many more.

Cleaning teams should perform routine cleaning procedures at least once per shift or once daily and depending on the occupancy of the space, sanitise high contact areas more frequently. For example, businesses can provide a sanitising spray in a public bathroom or on restaurant tables and request that each person uses the spray on all surfaces as they arrive and then again when they leave the facility. A larger guest bathroom and dining area may also require regular sanitisation from a cleaner to further reduce the risk of infection.

All employees should follow the guide to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly. If washing hands is not always possible, businesses should provide a hand sanitiser like Enviromed that is SABS approved and WHO recommended!

How Often should you Clean the Restaurant?

This is an important question and one that all restaurants must know the answer to. But, if you don’t, here’s a quick checklist of how often and what parts of restaurants should be cleaned.


  • Clean and sanitise the floors, walls, windows, desks, etc.
  • Wash the utensils
  • Clean and disinfect cooking equipment like the grill, oven, stove-top, etc.
  • Sinks
  • Disinfect food preparation and plating surfaces
  • Disinfect the trash bins and disposal area
  • Clean and sanitise tables
  • Clean, sanitise and disinfect toilets
  • Clean and disinfect countertops, condiment bottles and salt & pepper shakers, etc.


  • Clean, sanitise and disinfect large ovens and deep fryer
  • Sanitising walk-in refrigerators, freezers, etc.
  • Sanitise and disinfect drains
  • Clean and sanitise light fixtures
  • Clean, sanitise and disinfect glass windows & doors
  • Disinfect and sanitise door handles, phones, light switches, etc.


  • Sanitise grease traps
  • Clean & sanitise the freezer, coffee machine, ice machine, etc.
  • Clean & sanitise refrigerator coils
  • Clean, sanitise and disinfect walls & ceiling
  • Clean & sanitise ventilators
  • Clean, sanitise wall paintings, decorations, etc.

Enviromed Sanitiser is ideal for the above applications. It has been laboratory tested and proves to kill 99.9% of viruses such as Listeria, Salmonella, and now Coronavirus!

The right product

Employers should select a sanitiser based on effectiveness and safety.

Enviromed Sanitiser has been in use for over 5 years in some of the biggest food processing plants in the country. As an eco-friendly, plant-based, non -toxic, alcohol-free and biodegradable hand sanitiser developed using the latest generation of bio-degradable Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. Enviro Sanitiser is completely safe for use in all food preparation environments, making it an ideal choice.

Being an alcohol-free sanitiser you also do not have the risk of the flammable and hazardous substance associated with alcohol-based products!

Employers can keep sanitised workspaces and keep employees safe without compromising on productivity. By developing a clear plan to keep a clean environment when re-opening and operating, businesses can make sure they can keep employees and customers safe. Businesses should also review the plan regularly and keep it flexible so that they can adapt to any changes.

We invite you to contact us today to learn how our applications can revolutionise your sanitiser needs today!

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