Danger for Toddlers and Teens

July 1, 2021 / 0 Comments
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Ethyl & Isopropyl based commercially available hand sanitiser is being recognised as a danger for toddlers and Teens. With hand hygiene front and centre during the current pandemic, almost every family now has many individual small bottles or several bulk-size bottles of hand sanitiser sitting on counters, and easily accessible to toddlers and teens. What […]

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Cost-effective safe sanitiser

June 23, 2021 / 0 Comments
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Is your business looking for a cost-effective, safe sanitiser, disinfectant and steriliser solution? Increasing productivity and offer superior client and staff safety? Enviromed’s range of sanitiser products are eco-friendly, plant-based, zero-alcohol and SABS registered and approved. We tick all the boxes! Our products use the latest generation of bio-degradable Quaternary Ammonium Compounds that have been […]

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Sanitise with the best

June 9, 2021 / 0 Comments
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Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, starts when you choose to sanitise with the best! That’s exactly what are! Our sanitiser is not only cost-effective but also offers the added bonus of having a 4-hour protection lifespan! In addition, our sanitiser is plant-based and bio-degradable! Choosing Enviromed hand sanitiser will be the best decision […]

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Advantages of alcohol-free hand sanitiser

April 21, 2021 / 0 Comments
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In this informative article, we take a look at some of the top advantages of an alcohol-free hand sanitiser! Nowadays we see a lot of information that tells us that over-using hand sanitisers are bad for us – but is there any real truth to them? With the rise of fake news & just generally […]

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